So many people think all of the most famous executive coaches are the same. And the clients usually ask one query how life and executive coaching are different?

Difference between life and executive coaching 

Executive coaching is a way different from life coaching in purpose, requirements, and audience needs from coaches. But, in terms of proceeding, they are also different. 

Life and Executive Coaching

What is executive coaching? 

You can say, coaching is apparently one of the greatest personally tailored works in talent progress as it requires a confidential and close relationship between the person being coached and their coach. 

They are converging one-on-one among leaders and superior managers in an institution (like a vice president, president, member of the C-suite, and director). Well, corporate executive coaching offers a trustworthy, safe, and structured environment to provide help for the person.

Corporate executive coaching helps the leader clarify and identify goals, know their present competencies, observe how others understand them, and take appropriate steps to accomplish.

What is life coaching?

It is not a famous kind of coaching in a company. But life coaches take care of aspects of life. It consists of health, finance, career, relationship, spiritual enhancement, and fitness.  

For the most significant part, life coaching is regarding people, mainly for couples and unusually for organizations. The executive coaching would shortly become originally about organizations that emotionally bond as partners creating a lifestyle change.

Executive coaching would usually be the favored option for those among the required RFP requirements, given the fees range. 

What are life transition coaching services?

A transition coach can help you create an image of the destiny that you need, then assist you as you attempt it. For example, you are a lawyer, great at your job, salaried really well, and still think of pain. You seem like you are destined to prepare something extra, more impactful.

Transition coach offers productive, neutral, and supportive coaching to other people. Business leaders such as managers or employees can get this kind of coaching. 

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